Cando Advisors is a cross-border advisory firm that does two things:

  •     We help strategic investors find investments and alliance partners
  •     We help startup companies find investors, partners and customers

We specialize in two areas – geographic and sector

  •     Fintech and Cleantech
  •     U.S. and Japan strategic alliances

In the competitive world of technology and international business, quick access to expertise and in-depth insight is more important than ever. With 30 years of experience working with U.S. and Japanese technology ventures and the financial community, together with the in-depth knowledge of our local partners in Japan, we offer clients vital support in expanding existing markets, gaining collaborative partners, and opening doors to new areas of opportunity.

Cando Advisorsではコンサルタントとして、カリフォルニアを中心とする米国のベンチャーと日本の技術の長所を組み合わせることができるアライアンス戦略の推進を手がけています。