Benefits of Our Approaches

FAST: Quick access to our expertise

In the competitive world of technology and international business, quick access to expertise and in-depth insight is more important than ever. With over 20 years of experience working with U.S. and Japanese technology ventures and the financial community, together with our knowledge of our local partners in Japan, we offer clients a head start in reaching the market and finding the right partners, as well as opening doors to new markets.

COMPETENT: A wealth of knowledge, experience and capabilities

Our network of consultants offers a wide array of expertise in cross-border business development, alliances, and financial collaboration, based on their experience in technology, communication, and other industries, as well as their marketing and financial background.

FLEXIBLE AND VALUE ORIENTED: Eliminating the overhead

We realize that an efficient use of resources is important to our clients. By working with a flexible team of experts rather than a fixed number of employees, we can tailor our advisory services to where, what, and when the client needs — without the burden of building a Japanese expert team from scratch and carrying heavy fixed costs.